Just Do It! Workshops

Full-day workshops are fast paced and intensive, with a specific learning focus, and fun! Workshops can be customized to suit the specific interest of a group, or sometimes I will offer workshops to the general public, based on requests.  Below are examples of some of the workshops offered in the past.

Just Do It! Getting Started

This workshop is designed for people whom I have not previously worked with. While working through various exercises you will be introduced to concepts and processes that will build your courage and knowledge, empowering you to freely experiment with your paint and tools. You will be surprised at what you are able to do. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced painters who wish to move towards a loose and free style.

Mood: Faces and People

This workshop focuses on capturing attitude and emotion while portraying the human element in your artwork. Here is an opportunity to paint people and faces using abstract and expressive techniques with acrylic paint or mixed media. Please note that this is NOT a portrait painting class, and will focus on capturing the mood rather than creating a likeness of an individual.

Fun with Colour

This workshop explores the power of colour to express mood, passion and beauty. Learn to talk the language of colour, practice mixing colours with confidence, explore warm vs. cool colours, transparent vs. opaque colours. A series of exercises will encourage participants to use colour boldly and expressively, or gently and peacefully, as you create meaningful abstract artwork.

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