In the studio
In the studio

Grethe Jensen is a contemporary artist/instructor whose work is abstracted, rich in colour, and approached in the spirit of exploration and experimentation. Her “people” are larger than life, the streetcars are up close, and her paintings have a powerful presence.


Moods, thoughts, emotions, freedom; these are my subjects. I strive to create not an exactness of the person or subject, but to draw attention to its inner power and mystery. Abstract, yet real, often larger than life. My mission is to leave something to the viewers’ imagination.

My paintings begin with layer upon layer of paint and other materials applied to the canvas with no plan whatsoever. With the addition of each new layer, the under layers are rejuvenated and enhanced. The surface of the canvas is built up until it is both satisfying and exciting. Now it is time to add energy; working from a life model, or a photograph, I continue to add to and manipulate the surface until the image and mood emerge, but stopping before all is revealed, always leaving that element of mystery.

For fifteen years, Grethe worked at technology driven careers while the creative urges sprouted around the edges. In 2004, she moved away from the science driven world and has since been fully immersed in the arts world. The creative sprouts that for so long had been held in check, quickly rooted, flourished, and came into full bloom.Her own arts education has been self-directed, non-structured and intense, including numerous workshops and classes with many different instructors. She owes a great debt to the patient and creative instructors who have come into her life for their guidance and tireless efforts. Her work has been influenced by (the late) Peter Kolisnyk, John Leonard, D. D. Gadjanski, Steve Rose, Brian Smith, Kal Honey, and many more with whom she has studied at OCAD, the Haliburton School of Art, Markham Group of Artists, and at the Whitby Station Gallery. She is dedicated to a full-time studio practice, and is living proof that there is nothing like “Just Doing It!” to enhance learning and growing.

Her work is held in public and private collections in Canada, the US, and Europe.

Grethe lives, paints and teaches in Toronto, Canada.