The Book Shelf

Here in Toronto we have an excellent library system, with a beautiful collection of Art Books. There are new books and old books, big and little books. All ART BOOKS are full of pictures. Here are some of my favourites, you will find most of them at your local library, or I suppose you could even buy them if you like.

The BookAnd why you need this book 
Steal Like an Artist
by Austin Kleon
This little book is at the top of the list for a reason. You will love it, fun and thought provoking
Story Teller,
The Art of Roy Henry Vickers
Vickers unites the stylized forms of his aboriginal ancestry with the realism of European art, creating vibrant images.
Kim DorlandShowcasing the vibrant contemporary Canadian Artist. This book accompanied his 2014 show at McMichael Gallery
Peter Doig:
no foreign lands
One of the most inventive painters working today, raised in Canada and London and now lives in Trinidad.
Douglas Coupland:
Everywhere is Anywhere is Anything is Everything
Contemporary Canadian, painter, writer, installation artist, speaker, creator. Fascinating work, he is everywhere! Book is based on his show at ROM and MOCCA in 2015.
In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven
by Jim Waddington
Jim and Sue Waddington have spent 35+ years determined to locate, document, and photograph the actual places that inspired the Group of Seven.
Chris Cran:
Sincerely Yours
Contemporary artist from western Canada. Bold mixed media work. Based on 2016 show at the National Gallery.
Celebrating Life
the art of Doris McCarthy
Doris McCarthy lived in Scarborough and was a well-loved artist and art teacher in Toronto
by Andrew Hunter
Alex Colville was a well loved Canadian artist from Nova Scotia. This book accompanied his show at Art Gallery of Ontario, 2014
Norval Morrisseau :
return to the house of invention
Retrospective of Canada's most important native artist. Many more books about this artist are also available.
1920's Modernism in Montreal:
The Beaver Hall Group
Early adopters of new modernism painting techniques. The Beaver Hall Group are exceptional in that they included women as core members of the group.
Arthur Shilling,
The Ojibway Dream
Twenty-one paintings that re-create the faces of his Ojibway people.
Paterson EwenMagnificent large scale works on gouged plywood. Several books, all older, not readily available.
Painters Eleven:
The Wild ones of Canadian Art
Beautifully illustrated book about 11 Toronto area artists from the 50's and 60's.
The Automatiste Revolution
Montreal 1941 - 1960
Stories about the young and innovative artists from Quebec. A cultural revolution.
Emily Carr Collected,
by Emily Carr
This collection of beautifully reproduced art showcases the breadth of Carr's career. There are many more books about this important artist.
Lawren Harris:
Contrasts: in the Ward
Beautiful little book, showing Harris's early works featuring "the Ward" along with his poetry.
Lawren Harris:
The Idea of North
Showcases Harris's iconic mountain and iceberg paintings, based on the 2016 show at the Art Gallery of Ontario.
Jack Bush
by Marc Mayer
Large beautifully illustrated book with a retrospective of his work. Currently out of print, so hard to find.
Painting Canada,
Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven
An overview of the work of this iconic group. There are many more books about these artists available.
La collection Riopelle du Musée du Québec A beautifully illustrated book. Although I cannot read the French text, the magnificent pictures make this a necessary book.
Takao Tanabe
by Ian Thom
Inspiring and subtle minimalist Canadian landscapes. Book appears to be out of print, very hard to find. If you find one, grab it!
William Kurelek:
Fascinating and playful images representing life in Canada. Kurelek was a story teller. Many books available: Kurelek Country, A Prairie Boy's Winter, the Last of the Arctic, and more
Joyce Wieland:
Artist on fire
Abstract Expressionist artist who lived in Toronto's beach
Michael Snow, Sequences: a History of his ArtIconic Canadian artist from Toronto.
by Robert,Guy
Iconic Quebec artist, painted desolate and mysterious Canadian landscapes and people.
Wolf KahnLandscape painter who uses expressionist brush strokes and brilliant colour. He is truly a colourist.
David Hockney, 82 Portraits and 1 Still-lifeBritish artist, very creative. Recent work, all in acrylic
David Hockney, A bigger exhibitionShows the broad scope of his work, completed since 2000.
Wolfgang Bloch
The colours of coincidence
Using a subdued palette, along with modest and unexpected materials, he produces traditional but sublime seascapes. Beautiful book, but hard to find.
Chuck Close:
by Christopher Finch
Show casing his massive-format abstract portraits. One of Americas most celebrated living artists.
Inside the Painter’s Studio by Joe FigThis book shows the studios, stories, and techniques of contemporary New York area artists.
Gerhard Richter
One of the most important artists of the 20th and 21st century. Several books available:
Cage, Beirut, Large Abstracts, Red Yellow Blue, and more.
100 Girls on Cheap Paper,
by Tina Berning
Fun and interesting little book, featuring 100 drawings. Tina uses everyday paper and drawing tools. Book is hard to find.
Elaine De Kooning:
Beautifully illustrated book. Elaine De Kooning was an abstract expressionist painter, her loose style comes through beautifully in her portraits.
Georgia O’Keeffe:
One of the most important in influential artists of the 20th century. Many books available
Georgia O’Keeffe & Ansel Adams:
Natural Affinities
Painter O'Keeffe and photographer Ansel were friends and both captured the natural and man-made environment
Circles of Influence
How Georgia O'keeffe and Arthur Dove influenced one another
Richard Diebenkorn
Abstract and figurative expressionistic painter from California. Several books available:
The Berkley Years
Ocean Park Series
Figurative Works on Paper
Bay Area Figurative ArtistsExpressionistic figurative works by several artists from the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1950s'
Willem de KooningAbstract Expressionist painter, famous for his "women" series, often considered disturbing.
Forever Now
Contemporary painting in an atemporal world
Showcasing 17 young painters featured at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2014-15
Lucian Freud PortraitsShowing his figurative and portrait works, all from life.
Milton Avery, the Late PaintingsAmerican artist, beautiful "colour field" landscapes and more
Edvard Munch:
The Modern Eye
Norwegian painter who focused on evocative psychological themes. Created "The Scream". Many books available
The path to abstraction
Russian painter, considered one of the pioneers of abstract painting. Vibrant colours, highly energetic work
In the 20th Century
Covers the final 25 years of his work. A master at painting people and faces
Van Gogh
Up Close
This book accompanied the exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada. This books includes many lesser know works.
Egon Schiele, 1890-1918:
Desire and Decay
Austrian artist who focused on provocative figurative work and self portraits.
Blue and Yellow don't make Green,
Michael Wilcox
A new look at the art and science of colour mixing
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
by Betty Edwards
The most widely used and highly praised drawing-instruction book in the world.