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Blended family with artist
Blended family with artist

Blended Family

In creating this piece, my goal was to create a large piece made up of small pieces. A secondary goal was to create it in such a way that it could be assembled and disassembled repeatedly, perhaps in various configurations, giving viewers an opportunity to interact with it and adjust according to their own moods and desires.

I feel that I succeeded in creating the large piece out of small pieces – it consists of 36 individual canvases. However, I did not find a solution to my assemble/disassemble goal. In the end, it became a “construction project” that required numerous trips to my local Home Depot – a box of 100 screws was followed by another, and then another… you would think I could calculate the number of screws required. There are literally 100’s! And now there is another problem needing to be solved – it is so large and heavy that it is anything but portable. Someday I hope to find a place where it can literally be installed (bolted!) in a permanent location.

The concept of assemble/dissemble continues to intrigue me, and maybe one day I will find the solution.

All art is about problem solving!

Sold but not forgotten……